Bonnet Babes Woo   Oil on Canvas 2016

Bonnet Babes Woo  Oil on Canvas 2016



My name is Julie Kuhfahl. I am an artist living in San Antonio, Texas. I work with various media, from wood, clay, found objects, fabric, to oil paint. I love making things and have loved using my hands to create since I was a little girl.

I enjoy sharing my love of creation with eager children and adults! I have so much fun talking to students and teaching them everything I know about art.

I am an arts instructor working for Bottle and Bottega San Antonio. I teach acrylic on canvas painting lessons and give individualized instructions. I also host classes and paint faces on my own.

Stay tuned! I am updating my portfolio, and working on some portraiture and original compositions.

If you have anything you'd like commissioned, need me for face painting, or have something else in mind, don't hesitate to contact me. I work in oils when I'm not teaching. I love using vibrant non-local colors.