In the spring of 2007, Julie Kuhfahl graduated with a B.F.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a concentration in ceramics and Oil Painting. After college, she entered the workforce at the onset of the depressed economy; new Fine Art Degree in hand, and started working as a Personal Assistant, traveling and working in the New England area.

Julie returned to San Antonio in 2010 and continued to work as a Nanny for a local family for nearly five years. During that time she also began an arts collaborative called Common Space Studios with college friend Allegra Rose Brown and wood worker Michael Rowan on her vacant childhood property. It was intended to be a hybrid of artists, makers, craftsmen, and the self-employed; set in an encouraging communal environment. It proved to be somewhat successful for a time, but came to an end in 2012 when she lost control over the property.

Afterwards Julie considered pursuing higher education in the form of a Counseling Degree. Deciding against it, facing the end of her career as a nanny, Julie found herself at a crossroads. In the summer of 2016 she ventured up to Whidbey Island in Washington State to visit her colleague Allegra and to reconnect with the collaborative energy they had shared in the past.

Today Julie focuses on painting with oils, dabbles in costume design, home repairs, gardening, self-sufficiency, and animal husbandry. Concepts of permaculture and new homesteading are continuous sources of inspiration. Conservation, urban planning, and minimalism are important themes. Her emphasis is on the line between humor and the macabre, progress and preservation, contentment and excitement.

Julie spends her time volunteering with the Institute of Texan Cultures and the Witte Museum in the growing San Antonio cultural scene, while also exploring opportunities for travel and networking across the world. Julie is available to speak with individuals and organizations who would like to collaborate, hire or use her skills in the form of volunteer work.